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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  September 15, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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breaking news to tell you about right now. police in anne arundel are investigating a shooting death after responding to a call about gunshots. officers found a man dead in the roadway near washington avenue and bay highlands drive in annapolis. detectives are still investigating. they don't know who that man is or how he died. they do tell us, though, there are no other victims and no witnesses. we'll have the latest developments as they happen. thanks for joining us. i'm jan jeffcoat. tonight students and family gather to remember a teen killed on the train tracks in
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montgomery county. >> that young man, 16-year-old john dereggi was walking with friends when he was hit. a candlelight vigil was held in clarkbsurg just a short time ago. our mola lenghi is there live. his parents were also there tonight, right, mola? >> reporter: yeah. they emotional night. john dereggi was a very popular student here at clarkbsurg high school where he was a member of the track team and it seemed he was loved by everyone, not just at the school but in the clarkbsurg community. >> john was essential to so many lives. >> reporter: yet his life was cut short killed monday after being hit by a tran. police say john and two friend -- train. police say john and two friends were walking on the track in boyds when the train came around the curve. john couldn't get out of the way in time. >> it's amazing. john woke up just the other day like it was any other day and then he was gone. >> reporter: tonight john was remembered by scores of friends and family. around here john was a stranger
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to no one for good reason his mother and sister remember. >> john was a happy buy. he woke up happy. he went to bed happy. >> he's a really caring person. i'm happy that he'sin a better place. >> reporter: but not before leaving an impression. >> our world, our community is different. he did his job. >> he was loved and he loved. >> i loved john. i will love him every day of my life. >> he's someone you can never forget. >> reporter: his friend remember him as authentic and genuinely. john was real. >> he didn't hold back on anything. i'm so inspired by him. >> there's a real honesty about the hard things he'd go through, youen. he laughed. he cried. he -- you know. he laughed. he cried. he wore his emotions on his sleeve. >> reporter: now they cry for having lost him, but when the tears dry, they smile for
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having known him. >> i can't think of one sad thing about his life and i am so blessed to have been his mother. >> reporter: tonight's vigil drew students from at least three nearby montgomery county high schools and people from neighboring communities near and far. it's pretty clear that john was a very much well liked young man. live in clarkbsurg i'm mola lenghi for wusa9. >> and the spot where john dereggi died is near the marc railway station in boyds. it's a busy two track lane where fast moving freight trains share the rail with commuter and amtrak trains. a developing story, a man charged with kidnapping and killing uva student hannah graham has now been indicted in the 2009 disappearance and death of another college student. jesse matthew has already been charged with capital murder in
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graham's death. now he is charged with first degree murder and abduction in the case of morgan harrington. harrington was a 20-year-old virginia tech student who disappeared after attending a concert at university of virginia. her remains were discovered three months later on a rural farm. harrington's mother has always believed matthew was responsible and spoke out tonight about the charges. >> it was like thank goodness finally we've got some forward motion, you know. this blockage of believing that he did it and now there's been enough other people who have more objective eyes have looked at the information and said yes, we think so, too. we have enough to move on. that's a good place to be. >> the indictment comes about one year to the day graham disappeared. >> matthew will make his first appearance in the albemarle circuit court tomorrow afternoon and our peggy fox will be in the courtroom.
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for complete details on the hearing as it happens, download the new wusa9 app. you'll get breaking news, lee coverage and important updates -- live coverage and important updates 24/7. officers found a victim in the 2100 block of 14th and u streets in northwest. he was attacked around 7:30 tonight. he was taken to the hospital where he was conscious and breathing. there's no word yet on his name or who might have stabbed hi alexandria police say the building this car crashed into was empty and thankfully nobody was hurt. the car hit the empty retail space which is located at route 1 and potomac avenue tying up traffic for a while. you can see the accident did cause quite a bit of damage to the glass and to the vehicle, no word on the cause or whether the drive faces any charges. new -- driver faces any charges. new tonight the investigation into a salmonella outbreak at a popular restaurant continues to grow with at least 70 people believed to have become sick
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after having dined there. the fig and olive restaurant was shut down last thursday and remains closed tonight. garrett haake spoke with several people today and joins us live at city center as more and more people come forward. >> reporter: the d.c. health department has officially confirmed eight cases of salmonella directly linked to dining at the fig and olive, but they're investing at least 70 instances of people saying they ate at the popular restaurant and then became painfully sick. megan malloy enjoyed a friend's birthday dinner at fig and olive last wednesday, the night before the health department shut them down. >> saturday afternoon right in the middle of the illinois football game i started getting fevery, kind of aches and pains all over, fluish symptoms and by saturday night, sunday morning it was full on the really bad symptoms that you have. >> reporter: mall ploy is one of at -- malloy is one of at least 70 fig and olive customers to fall ill after eating there. so far eight cases of salmonella have been confirmed
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by the health department. the bacteria can be deadly but more often leads to days of painful stomach sickness. that's what happened to julia, a d.c. attorney who ate at fig and olive on august 31st. >> it's just so all of. you think you're having a nice -- awful. you think you're having a nice dinner and end up ruining the next 10 days of your life. >> reporter: through labor day weekend she kept hoping to feel better. >> that didn't happen, took tuesday off again and really only started feeling better almost a week later. >> reporter: jewel la and malloy -- julia and malloy both recall eating crustini. all will be tested in forensic labs. meanwhile those who became sick arreturning to work and getting their appetites back. >> silver lining is i have lost close to 10 pounds. so if you're looking for a diet plan, go to fig and olive. >> reporter: tonight a spokesperson for the restaurant tells me they, too, are awaiting the results of those forensic tests and that they
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will not reopen until they are 100% certain that their food is safe. they hope to do that reopening soon. live at city center garrett haake, wusa9. so you need a ride to the airport? tomorrow the metropolitan washington airport authority is expected to vote on a plan to allow car services such as uber and lyft to operate at reagan national airport and dull husband airport. under the proposal the companies -- dulles airport. under the proposal the companies would pay a one time $5,000 fee for a one time permit. drivers would pay a $4 fee for pickup and dropoff. that fee would likely be passed on to us customers and go into effect november 1st if passed. 129 members in d.c. will have to find a new place to live. washington home and community hospices sold their property to the sidwell friends association. this is a nonprofit that has cared for low income, disabled and elderly residents for 127 years. residents got the news today they will have to move by
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december next year. many say they were taken completely off guard. the company says it will try to make the transition as smooth as it can. >> we will work on a transition plan with each one of them and their families. we realize this is very traumatic. >> a group that works as a liaison between the company and the residents says it will reach out to the mayor's office and d.c. council for help. we're told sidwell friends will use the property to consolidate its campuses. two firefighters were hurt trying to battle flames at an apartment complex for older adults in silver spring, maryland. the injuries were not life threatening, but the fire did cause $1 million in damage and left 11 people without a home tonight. investigators are looking at an electrical problem as a possible cause. no one who lived in that building was hurt. one dog had to be rescued. a developing story out of utah only getting worse right now by the hour, four more people swept away in flash flooding. those deaths come as the
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community mourns 12 people including several children lost in a raging river and a wall of mud. those images have been haunting people just standing helpless and in shock after a lethal blast of water takes away their loved ones. >> that's right. tonight we've learned that four hikers in zion national park are also dead tonight. that brings the total number of people killed in utah to 16 and now that the 7 for survivors is over there, the work of cleaning up has only just begun. >> there goes the van. oh, my god! >> in less than a half hour streets in the small town turned into a raging river. witnesses captured this dramatic rescue as several women and children who were in danger of being swept away were pulled from their stalled vehicle. >> she opened the doors and believed it is going to be flooded over. so she is still in the vehicle. >> if you're still in contact with her, just to be safe have her get out of the vehicle so she doesn't get swept away.
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>> reporter: officials say two vehicles were swept off the road by a wall of water. >> i've never seen anything like. this. >> reporter: the mayor. >> it actually came behind the vehicles and engulfed the vehicles and washed them down into the creek bed. >> reporter: the town of hildale is home to members of the polygamist sect once controlled by warren jeffs now imprisoned because of child assaults. the city of nearly 3,000 is prone to flooding but not like this. >> we're just greatly humbled by this, but we realize this is an act of god. >> the fire chief there says a flash flood warning was issued, but he's not sure if the women were actually aware of it. their religious beliefs encourage them to avoid tv and the internet. the situation in california is still critical now as wildfires continue to burn in several different directions. some homeowners have grabbed shovels to try and protect their own homes. many are returning only to find nothing left. 1,000 homes or businesses have been destroyed. one witness describes the scene
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at the post a wasteland. we're learning more about the 15-year-old arrested by the fbi for threatening to attack the pope, tonight new details on what inspired his plot and now seriously we should take it. >> remember this guy? apparently the gator caught in a maryland backyard pond is not alone out there, why the state says they're having such a problem. >> too much pressure, what caused the ceo of bmw to pass out during a big presentation today. >> not as chilly tonight but certainly cool. you might want a light jacket you walk the kids to the bus stop. 52 to 64 by 7:00, 9:00 62 to about 70 with full sun in the morning. we'll come back, talk about how warm it's going to be, if the
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a rough start to the morning on i-66, but i got you around that trouble spot plus another one on i-270.
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>> it was a great start to weather and it continues tomorrow just a little bit warmer. allyson rae is back and we'll see you in the morning. cbs news is reporting that the secret service arrested a 15-year-old new jersey boy last month for planning to attack the poem pope -- pope next week. >> the teen-ager was allegedly communicating with somebody online from isis. still the philadelphia police commissioner said the threat was not considered substantial. >> my definition of what would be credible, something that could be operationalized, something that really is about to take place, that sort of thing and unless i'm missing something i don't see this as having that level of significance where people should be concerned. >> intelligence officials told cbs news there are no known credible threats against the pope right now. when pope francis celebrates mass in d.c. next week, a few vocal students will be there to see it. they were surprised today with some of the hottest tickets in
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town. all three students attend st. bernadette" church school on university boulevard in silver spring. they were selected based on a letter they wrote explaining why they'd like to attend the papal mass. one of the students is catalina snyder. >> it would be really great especially because the mass is going to be recited in spanish and since i'm bilingual. >> the other two students are addison ruskowski and brendon sipple. teacher eric lee also received a ticket to that mass. check out the special section of our wusa9 app to find traffic information and a complete schedule of events for this historic visit. a 1,000-mile march that started in selma, alabama, ended today in d.c. led by leaders of the naacp the journey for justice marched over the memorial bridge to the
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steps of the lincoln memorial. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders joined the group. the march sought to bring attention to issues such as criminal justice reform and voting rights. south carolina congressman jim clyburn had a warning for the group. >> we know from our history that no matter how many times we make forward steps there will always be someone out there looking to move us back. >> tomorrow the group will meet with members of the house and senate. remember that alligator caught in montgomery county last week? we've learned it's not the only one captured in maryland recently. the gator pulled from that backyard pond was taken to the wildlife reserve and zoo in thurmont. zoo operators tell us they have eight more just like it all recovered this year in the state of maryland, amazing. alligators, crocodiles, kamans have been banned in maryland for nearly a decade now, but
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maryland natural ream sources police say they're recovering a lot -- resources police say they're recovering a lot more than normal these days. a chicago woman is receiving charges for allegedly kissing and then punching a flight attendant on a united airlines flight from miami to chicago. the plane was diverted to indianapolis. the woman was causing trouble through the entire flight, so she was moved to the back of the plane. that held to the combination kiss, punch and then -- led to the combination kiss, punch and then the arrest. the new ceo of bmw is in stable condition after fainting on stage. harold kruger collapsed while speaking to the crowd about bmw's latest models. colleagues rushed over, got him off stage to the hospital. the company said kruger had not been feeling well. he experienced a moment of dizziness. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> we just got word there was
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an earthquake in oklahoma city? >> about 40 miles northeast of oklahoma city actually just about 50 minutes ago, magnitude about 4. let's pinpoint that for you. remember we had one here about 4.8 in 2011. it felt like a dozen states on the eastern seaboard. the red circle is the most recent one, but they've actually had several earthquakes since yesterday in the 2 and 3 range, 4.0. remember if you have a 3 and go to the 4, it's logorhythmic and right now we do not have any reports of damage. the earlier ones yesterday did not cause any dang, but a 4 probably rattled some dishes off your shelves. okay. 3-degree guarantee not bad. we went for a high of 83 today, thought it might be a bull's eye. we were close. it was 84. so we're 13-15 for september. tomorrow's number is 86. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, temps falling to itself if, very comfortable,
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humidity 71 -- to 50, very comfortable, humidity 71%. it was in the 40s in some of the burbs this morning. tomorrow cool start, we'll say 50s and 60s, bus stop temperatures 52 to about 76 a.m. to 9 a.m. i think a sweater is probably a good idea at the bus stop. you'll need sunglasses the rest of the week, no doubt about that and warm but not humid the rest of the week. we're in good shape right on through friday, possibly through the weekend. tomorrow morning 5:30, 6:00 we're in the 50s. i think it's more like 52, 53 in frederick and 54, 55 in gaithersburg into leesburg and bowie. by 9:00 we're in the 60s pretty much across the board. by 1:00 we're 83 downtown, a perfect afternoon to take a walk or maybe just take lunch outside and by 6:00 we're still in the low 80s and upper 70s,
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still very, very comfortable. on the day planner near 70 at 9:00, near 83 by 1:00. next three days, beautiful, 86 and still great on friday 85. next seven days essentially great over the weekend. a weak, weak cold front comes through saturday night, warm for the terps, cooler but pleasant for the game at fedex and nats come in up to thursday for an extended period. so how are the nats getting motivation these days? >> i think they really want to finish strong. there's no chance of them making the playoffs pretty much, but as professionals they want it to end well. it did turn into a disappointing season for the nats. harper and strasburg
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> june 8th, 2010, a memorable night here in d.c., the debut of a 21-year-old pitching phenom named stephen strasburg. he dazzled a standing only crowd with 100-mile an hour
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fastballs and 14 strikeouts. this time tonight in philadelphia he impressed us yet again. strasburg delivered one of his best orperfmances ever tonight. he tied his career high with 14 strikeouts tonight right down the middle allowing just one hit in eight innings, 27 strikeouts in his last two games. split screen to bryce harper because had he yet another multi-homer game, no. 38 and 39 putting him back on top of the national league in home runs. he also delivered all four of the team's r.b.i.s tonight. nats win their third straight blanking the phillies 4 -0. d.c. united in the group stage of the champions league. we've got first minute here chris pontius crosses the ball and connor doyle scores off the ricochet, 1-0 d.c. united. the corner kick jared jeffrey heads it in for the score. d.c. united wins 2-0, clinches a quarterfinal spot in the champions league. during training camp we saw
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washington's secondary take hit after hit with players going down with injuries and it took just one game for it to happen again. both corner back chris culliver is suspended, josh rogers has plantar fasciitis and duke ihenacho had surgery for a fractured wrist. coach gruden said he has faith in his players left but signed will blackmon today to add some depth. the ninth year veteran was cut by seattle earlier this month. a lot of things went wrong for the maryland terrapins on saturday. the defense gave up 692 yards and six touchdowns while the offense struggled to control the game and the score. quarterback perry hills was pulled in the 4th quarter and will now sit the bench. kay electric roe came in. he was one for -- caleb roe came in. he was one for three and two interceptions. the coach said roe is better physically and mentally and can
11:27 pm
help bolster a passing game that's mustered less than 172 yards in two games. >> by making the switch i think it is going to allow us to be a little bit more versatile and do some of the things that we'd like to be able to do. >> i think he kind of understands what type of player i am and i kind of understand what type of player i is. so i think -- is. so i think that's going to help us out with a -- he is. so i think that's going to help us out with a passing game. >> they've really showed us what they were with these two first round pictures and showed us why question got them in the first place, but -- why we got first place, but -- why we got them in first place, but -- why we got themselling 18 homes? easy. building them all in four and a half months?
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part by verizon fios. all right. weather is looking good, starting to feel a little like fall now. >> yes, if is. there's one little lonely drop on the seven-day and quite frankly, i don't think anybody will notice. you'll be sleeping and it may stay north of us, so all in all a great week, warming up, nice for the terp, upper 80s, nice for the game at fedex, nice monday and tuesday for the nats. >> looking good. >> that's wusa9 news for tonight. >> have a great night, everybody! we'll see you tomorrow. >> bye. ♪
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